Top grocery saving apps

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Want to save some money at the grocery store? Buying your usual groceries can be expensive and it certainly accounts for a lot of the money you earn. Take a look at these apps that will help you save money when buying groceries:


Ibotta focuses on giving you real cash. When you go to the grocery store, check their app to see if there are any offers in your area. They will give you cashback on every eligible purchase. This app will save you some money every month, and they have partnered with major brands to offer a wider and more complete service. 


Shopkick gives you points for every purchase. Even by simply scanning a product, you can get rewards points that you can redeem for gift cards to various retailers. Even though this app has more partnerships with retailers like Target and Macy’s, you can still access some grocery stores and use your points there.

Fetch Rewards

With Fetch Rewards, saving money on your groceries is easy. Buy, scan and save your purchases. They will give you a ton of points on a lot of products and you will not have to worry about missing out on a deal or your coupons expiring. Just scan your tickets and your points will be delivered.

Checkout 51

With Checkout 51 you just need to take a picture of your ticket and you will earn cashback. Every week they update their database with new deals, so it is worth giving a look at those deals they include every week. 


Dosh gives you cashback without coupon or receipt scanning. See if your preferred payment method offers cashback and link your card to the app or choose to swipe it when buying and automatically receive cashback into your wallet. After accumulating $25 you will be able to transfer money to your account and even donate if you wish to.


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